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Why We Ride Movie Review

Why We Ride Movie Review

Why We Ride tells the story of the motorcycle and the motorcyclist. It’s full of passion and made with an obvious love for the sport. We have included a short clip below.

Why We Ride tells The Story. You know the one. It started with board tracks, moved onto the beaches at Daytona, eventually got on a banking and found popularity with soldiers returning from WWII.

The Story is told with archival footage and narrated by a who’s who of American motorcycling — Jason DiSalvo, Arlen Ness, Don Emde et al. There’s also plenty of other folks that decribe why they ride.

It’s a tale you, as a motorcycle enthusiast, have seen retold a thousand times, but never before with this level of slick editing or with such a moving soundtrack. And, unlike previous retellings, Why We Ride incorporates a powerful call-to-action to ensure motorcycling’s future, compelling viewers to get their kids started on small dirt bikes.

Nor does it adhere to only one discipline. We here riders ranging from hardcore bikers to dirt bike racers to Daytona 200 legends to fathers, daughters, uncles and grandmothers explain how their own particular interpretation of motorcycling has improved their lives.


I have been riding for a long time, but about 10 minutes into the whole thing, I couldn’t help but wonder what the point was. A movie made by motorcyclists for motorcyclists about motorcyclists is…to put it nicely, preaching to the choir. I get it, you get it, that’s why we put up with getting wet and cold and injured to do it. Sure, as an affirmation of our belief system, it’s worth a watch, but you can’t shake the feeling there’s a sell here. The entire movie feels like it’s trying to convince you to take up motorcycle riding, but the trouble is, if you’re watching it, you already have.

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