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JD published an article
West Lafayette, Indiana (August 10, 2018) — Purdue's School of Aeronautics and Astronautics has made Launchboxes available to schools for students to conduct space experiments. The small aluminum boxes have already proven successful in a zero-gravit…
Aug 12
Bikersinc published an article
Beech Grove, IN (June 23, 2018) — This week the Board of Directors of Bikersinc, unanimously approved to accept the recommendation of our Chairman, J.D. Duggar, for Bikersinc to become a fiscal sponsor of Mission Restore Bronze Indiana.
This will be…
Jun 23
Bikersinc published an article
Raymond Brown was born in Richmond, Indiana. His childhood was spent between Indiana and Ohio, finishing high school in Richmond in 1965. In 1966 Raymond married his one and only wife, Linda Kathleen Barker.
In November of 1966, Raymond was called t…
Jun 21

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Indiana Motorcycle History

E.J. Pennington

Edward Joel Pennington was born in Moore’s Hill, Indiana in 1858. Although he didn’t stay in Indiana for very long, his early…


Newby Oval

In the Gilded Age, Indianapolis was at the heart of manufacturing and a large player in the burgeoning bicycle industry. The famous founding fathers of the Indianapolis Speedway all had…


Patee Motor Cycle

Half a year prior to Indian’s entry into the motorcycle world, there was an Indianapolis machine that already had a head start into the motorcycle revolution that was to come. The Patee Motor Cycle*. The machines were…

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