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August 2013: - 6 friends meet at a cookout. Conversation turns toward serious topics. They talk about the lack of brotherhood amongst riders, of the lack of knowledge and information for entrepreneurship opportunities in the state of Indiana. A few more topics come up such as veterans issues and neighborhood initiatives that also aren’t addressed. They talk until the early hours of the morning and the beginning of Bikersinc takes root.

December 5th 2013: Things are starting to get serious about the idea. Paperwork is filed with the State of Indiana and a new nonprofit corporation is formed. The nonprofit is called Bikersinc Incorporated, which uses all the acronyms of all the topics discussed back in August. (Bringing Information Knowledge Entrepreneurship Rider Soldality Indiana Neighborhood Coalition) The state filing was approved a few days later.

December 20th 2013: Despite only recently incorporating in the State, the original six wanted to go all the way and dig in with their convictions. All the friends start to chip in money and look into the paperwork needed to become a 501c3. A board is formed, bylaws written, mission statement formed. After several long nights of discussion back and forth, 52 pages and more of documents along with a check are submitted to the IRS via FedEx.

February 2014: The wait is over. The determination letter from the IRS is delivered. Bikersinc is officially a 501c3 nonprofit recognized by the IRS. The real work begins.

June 2014: The newly formed Bikersinc moves into an old, used tire store in a neighborhood called Haughville, on the West side of Indianapolis. It’s not the most ideal spot or perfect by any means, but it is the nonprofit’s first commercial place. No more meetings in other people’s garages or homes. After weeks of cleanup and painting, it becomes a functioning work space.

July 2014 - October 2014: Bikersinc begins to attend meetings held by the Haughville Neighborhood Association and Near West organizations, and becomes involved with the West Side. The nonprofit starts assisting with neighborhood cleanup. Also, due to the lack of veterans support organizations on the W. 16th Street corridor, Bikers Helping Veterans program comes to the forefront and starts to rise to the occasion.

Spring 2015: The board votes on reviving and organization called the Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society. Upon majority approval, IMCHS is once again revived. The organization was originally founded in 1995 and disbanded a few years later, however a few previous members decided to pass the torch to Bikersinc to keep the history alive.

Fall 2015: Bikersinc is awarded grant space in Lawrence, Indiana. The board approves to relocate out of West Side Indianapolis to the NorthEast Side, closer to Ft. Benjamin Harrison. Various programs and projects start to take shape.

Winter 2015: Another historic group comes forward to entrust Bikersinc with their organization. The board votes on taking on a historic motorcycle club that was officially charted in July 1921, making Entronuse the oldest currently active club in Indiana. With a unanimous win in the votes, Bikersinc is entrusted with Entronuse. The historic motorcycle club is officially re-chartered and revived.

Spring 2016: To celebrate its 200th birthday, the State of Indiana hosts their Bicentennial Celebration for the entire year. The Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society (IMCHS) is officially highlighted as a State recognized and sponsored Bicentennial Project.

Summer 2016 - Winter 2016: Logistics and administrative roles solidified for the future of IMCHS, Entronuse and other programs/projects. Bikersinc soon outgrows its current grant space and is in search for a larger place to operate in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.

Spring 2017: After spending a fair amount of time going over various communities and neighborhoods searching for a place to land, Bikersinc relocates to Beech Grove, Indiana.

Summer 2017: Invisible Beech Grove becomes a project as a part of the Indiana Neighborhood Coalition part of the nonprofit’s mission.

Fall 2017 - Winter 2017: The organization begins to restructure certain aspects of the programs and projects. Bikersinc expands Invisible Beech Grove’s outreach and gains more community involvement through social media, utilizing a page and an affiliated group.

Spring 2018: Veterans Radio Indiana is created as a project. The website and podcast serves to address veterans issues and news in the State of Indiana.

Summer 2018: Bikersinc becomes the Fiscal Sponsor for Mission Restore Bronze Indiana (MRBI).

November 2018: Bikersinc approves a new project called Bikers Helping Kids. 

Fall 2018 - Winter 2019: Bikersinc continues to help the community with its various programs.
Spring 2020: Covid-19 outreach begins to help the community and elderly veterans. Bikersinc manages to obtain hand sanitizers during the massive shortage and redistribute back to the community.
Summer 2020: Bikersinc moves from Beech Grove to a larger facility in NE Indianapolis and assists with efforts to bring vital supplies to veterans who cannot leave their homes due to the pandemic.
Fall 2020: Winter 2020: Bikersinc restructures a few programs and makes plans for 2021.
Spring 2021: Bikersinc launches several new programs and features
A registered non-profit corporation that operates exclusively for educational & charitable purposes within Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code