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Bikers Helping Veterans



Helping Those Who Served By Those That Ride

Bikers Helping Veterans is an outgrowth of Bikersinc, an Indiana based organization that is federally recognized as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit.

As called upon by several of our volunteers, we were assisting more and more local Veterans thus Bikers Helping Veterans was created. Making the transition from Military life to Civilian life can be a challenging one, Bikers Helping Veterans helps bridge the gap between the Battlefield and the Home front by assisting returning Veterans.

Bikers Helping Veterans also works with other Veterans programs and organizations in order to provide a tighter network of complementary services. We assists with locating housing, small business advice, mentoring along with supporting other local veteran groups & more. We are in the process of securing abandoned house in several areas where some will be used to assist returning Veterans. We currently have two programs in place.


Support Our Veterans

Our Future Objectives and Programs

Our low cost housing program will be available to veterans who have been verified by staff of our organization. BikersInc will provide veterans with opportunities to own a house through a very low and affordable payment option where at the end of a low amount of years the house is completely theirs. Tied in with this program is support such as information to other community support organizations that offer grants or matching grants for new veteran homeowners the ability to improve the homes they’ve been granted by Bikersinc.

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Respect To The Fallen

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