VETERANS CRISIS LINE: Call 988 and Press 1 or Text 838255

Indiana Veterans Outreach

About and Mission

The Indiana Veterans Outreach mission is to provide Veterans awareness and/or assistance to contacts at the Department of Veterans Affairs and available social services not only within the Indianapolis community, surrounding localities but statewide as well.
There is a reasonable expectation that connections with these entities will yield positive outcomes as intended for Veterans.
These services will include and will not be limited to the following:
​1. Use the resources and partnership of agencies providing housing, medical, jobs, food, financial, income tax preparation, education benefits and other activities to improve veteran’s quality of life.
2. Outreach and connect with veterans to make them more aware of effective alternatives, in lieu of prescribed medicines to combat PTSD, TBI, and viruses.
3. Promote awareness and educate veterans concerning Suicide Prevention.
4. Assist veterans with VA benefits and veterans’ widows with VA widows benefits and Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefit preparation.

Local Food Distribution

Indiana Veterans Outreach (IVO) recognizes there are Veterans and their families who are facing difficulties and in the need for food. We have a small area in our office reserved for food distribution to pass out free, non-perishable items. Please fill out the Emergency Food Assistance (EFA) form below.

EFA Form

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Most Needed Items

We have created a short list of items that we try to stock, feel free to donate the following items.
NOTE: We do not have a way to refrigerate items at this time, so non-perishable items only.

1. Proteins: Canned meats & fish, beans, nut butters, nuts, canned chili, protein shakes etc.
2. Fruits: Canned low sugar, dried fruit, 100% fruit juice.
3. Vegetable: Canned low sodium, tomato sauce, 100% vegetable juice, canned soups.
4. Grains: Pasta, rice, oats, quinoa, barley, flour, cereal.
5. Dairy: Shelf stable milk, shelf stable cheese, powdered milk.
6. Misc: Cooking oil, condiments, coffee, tea, healthy snacks, baby formula, special diet items (gluten free, allergen free, halal, kosher, etc.)

Help us help others..

Donations helps support our many projects and programs. Please consider making your donation monthly as we work to assist as many as possible. If you would like to donate, please go directly to our donate page HERE. Thank you.

Assistance Request

This program is reserved for veterans and active service members in Indiana. We do not give individuals payment. We directly pay the bills to the utility company on your behalf. We do not reimburse for bills already paid. You can see if you qualify HERE.


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