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Look Twice - Save A Life

Look Twice - Save A Life

Bikers are often unfairly characterized as risky drivers, but they are not always at fault in vehicle crashes. Other drivers have a responsibility to avoid accidents, as well.

That’s why “Look Twice - Save A Life” is good advice for both bikers and car drivers. “Look Twice - Save A Life” means checking your blind spot, being aware of your surroundings, and using extra caution to help keep roads safe for motorcycle riders.

Safety Tips for Car Drivers

Car drivers share the responsibility to keep roads safe. If you are a vehicle driver, you can help ensure your motorcycle-riding neighbor arrives safely at their destination.

-Expect there to be bikers on the road. This is one of the most important things you can do. Treat bikers with respect; don’t crowd them.

-Stay alert. Resist the urge to drive on “auto-pilot” when you’re on a familiar route.

-Similarly, eliminate distractions. Whether it’s talking on the phone, changing music, eating, or trying to help children in your backseat, it’s all distracted driving.

-Avoid drifting, especially when making turns, and check your blind spots before changing lanes. A cursory glance in the mirror may not be enough to spot a motorcycle.

As you get behind the wheel, remember to look twice – you truly may save a life.

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