VETERANS CRISIS LINE: Call 988 and Press 1 or Text 838255

Assistance Request

What it is..

This program is reserved for veterans and active service members in Indiana. We do not give individuals payment. We directly pay the bills to the utility company on your behalf. We do not reimburse for bills already paid.
Since need is great, this program is mostly open to first time aid seekers. All requests will go through a review process and we can and will accept or deny based on information provided. We are a small organization and with limited resources- our maximum limit is $200.
If approved, we may ask for more documentation. Please provide them when asked or you could be denied in the process.

Assistance Request Form

Veteran Aid Requirements..

1. Must be a resident of Indiana for at least 1 year.
2. A copy of Indiana Driver’s License.
3. Documentation of current overdue bill. Must be in the past 60 days.
4. Copy of DD214, (Must be honorable or honorable conditions). Must be a clean scan PDF. We will not allow photographed pictures of the document.
5. If active duty please provide a form 23 or signed letter of character from command.
6. Must not have received aid from us within the last 2 years.
Please fill out the form completely and leave no space blank or empty. Failure to do so will have us deny your request.

Eligible Utilities

Here is a list of utilities Bikersinc will provide assistance for:




Not Eligible:



-Streaming Services/Cable TV/Satellite TV



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