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Observations, editorials, criticisms, reviews and other things written for women riders. 


Biker Girls Club

Bikers Girls Club is available to all females to join within the Bikersinc organization. Being able to ride is not a requirement and the club is open to women who love motorcycles and the culture. The club plays a role as a support group for Bikersinc functions and events, as well as encouraging other women to have a more active interest in the world of motorcycles.

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Form and Function

In recent years there’s been a strong focus in getting women more involved in motorcycling. Dealerships and businesses nationwide often hold workshops catering to women from selecting bikes to basic riding tips, often going as far as to hold special…
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Recent Discussion

General Discussion

Just a general hang out to discuss various stuff. It can be about a crummy driver, an upcoming event that you're psyched about or just whatever. Please keep in mind this isn't a forum for controversial topics. We're from all walks of life and are bonded together due to our love of motorcycles. 

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