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Invisible Beech Grove

Invisible Beech Grove

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Invisible Beech Grove


Invisible Beech Grove is a localized project under Bikersinc as a part of the ‘Indiana Neighborhood Coalition’ umbrella of the nonprofit.

When Bikersinc relocated to Beech Grove, IN in the April of 2017, the nonprofit learned that there was a very strong focus on the revitalization efforts of the Main Street corridor of the town. However in the process of overzealousness and enthusiasm for the revival of the downtown core, there were areas that were overlooked.

Though the other organizations and the city are commendable for their efforts in revamping the downtown core, the fact that other areas of Beech Grove were pushed aside in favor of that specific region was problematic. There was much more to Beech Grove than just the downtown area and it was a growing point of contention in the community as certain businesses outside of that core were not getting as much recognition.

Invisible Beech Grove came to be in order to not only give the other businesses in Beech Grove much needed recognition and highlighting, but also to fill other gaps.

Invisible Beech Grove celebrates the overlooked local businesses through write ups and online promotions, sheds light to interesting historical facts about the town and much more. It is a nexus for community discussions and promotes Beech Grove’s rich identity to the wider world.

Our Main Website: Invisible Beech Grove

Invisible Beech Grove

We examine the history of Beech Grove, Indiana while highlighting legitimate businesses that are seemingly "Invisible" by others.

Many legitimate businesses and Non-profits located in Beech Grove are being left out simply because they are not in a designated perimeter verses City limits.

Beech Grove, Indiana

Beech Grove, Indiana: Nestled on the outskirts of Indianapolis, it was incorporated around 1906. Beech Grove, Indiana supposedly gets its name to the abundance of Beech Trees in the area.
The actual city came into existence as a company town for a new railroad repair facility, the Beech Grove Shops, constructed by the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad (nicknamed the "Big Four").
Two famous actors have listed Beech Grove as their birthplace, Clifton Webb and Steve McQueen.
Webb was born before Beech Grove came into existence as a separate entity,
while McQueen was born at the City's St. Francis Hospital.
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