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Member Benefits


We have opted to have a digital newsletter to help cut cost. Some Non-profit organizations insist on sending out paper magazines to their members for updates, we find this a unnecessary expense.

Rides and Tours

Join fellow members for a day ride where they go on some scenic routes for around 200 miles or less. Looking for something longer? Join them on what they like to call a Tour, these normally consist of road trip that encompasses well over 400 miles. Better pack a tent folks, because they will find a spot and camp out.

Profile Page

Each fully paid member has the option of having their own personal profile page on our website. With that you can have friends, join groups, share events and more.

Join A Group

We currently have several groups that you may want to join. Bikersinc has groups based on region, interests and more.

Event Discounts

Discounts on ALL events hosted by Bikersinc. We have several events that we are extremely proud to host. From our members only Indiana Bike Rally and our newly acquired Rib Fest Indy that is open to the public. We even have few others kept under out hats.

Bike Nights

Bike Nights. We never did like the idea of bike nights at a leather store or a bar. Ours are just a little different then most so called bike nights. Here you can get a grilled burger, grab a non alcoholic beverage and sit down to watch an old classic biker movie when available. Grab a cup of coffee, sit outside and enjoy the free WiFi. All up to you.

Instructional Classes

Some of our legacy members have a world of knowledge to share. Classes are set up on a weekly basis and cover everything from the right oil to use to how to pack for a road trip.

Member Discounts

We are bombarded by motorcycle shops and stores that want to offer some cheesy discount to our members, we flat out said no. Coupled with our sponsors, they have some very deep discounts on everything from Motorcycle Parts and Accessories, Leather Products including Vintage Wear and Event Promotions. Sorry folks, no discounts on photography, lawyers or some free insurance. Info: Discount Network

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