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Motorcyclism | Preserving Motorcycle History

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Motorcyclism Defined

Motorcyclism (n): The philosophy of devotion or adherence to motorcycles. The term is used when describing one’s devotion or interest in motorcycle history.

Motorcyclism is a Bikersinc program which encompasses the extensive and storied history of motorcycles in the States and across the globe. From the origins of racing to the colorful people who shaped the vehicle and its evolution through the years- to the roles the motorcycle has played in various industries and the wave of inspiration it has evoked in artists.

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To protect, preserve, share the history of motorcycles & bring greater understanding of the role that helped shape everyday life for generations

Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society©

Though the history of motorcycles, as a whole is only a bit over 100 years of age, Indiana has played such an integral part to its creation and evolution that it can’t be denied. It is a legacy that Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society is honored to share with the world.  Originally formed in 1995, the Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society became alive once more when Bikersinc became the Fiscal Sponsor in 2016.

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Entronuse Motor Cycle Club

The Entronuse  Motor Cycle Club was originally formed in 1921 in Marion, Indiana by several noted Indiana Businessmen of the day. Officially charted by the Motorcycle and Allied Trade Association in 1925, it is technically Indiana’s oldest Motorcycle Club.

In keeping with our tradition, the Entronuse Motor Cycle Club was re-charted in 2016 by Bikersinc as it’s official motorcycle club.

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