Bikersinc not only has several key programs that is in operation, but also currently hosts a couple projects. These projects are generally always tied to a program function that plays a role in Bikersinc main mission parameters.

Projects are special undertakings that operate differently than programs. These are meant to be nonpermanent parts of the nonprofit. Sometimes some projects are for special occasions and others are by nature set up so that they can become fully independent in the future. Depending on the nature of a project, Bikersinc will step up as a fiscal sponsor.

Several projects that Bikersinc is proud to sponsor include:

Invisible Beech Grove

Invisible Beech Grove is a localized project under Bikersinc as a part of the ‘Indiana Neighborhood Coalition’ umbrella of the nonprofit.

When Bikersinc relocated to Beech Grove, IN in the April of 2017, the nonprofit learned that there was a very strong focus on the revitalization efforts of the Main Street corridor of the town. 

Invisible Beech Grove came to be in order to not only give the other businesses in Beech Grove much needed recognition and highlighting, but also to fill other gaps. Read more about this project here. Invisible Beech Grove

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