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Projects of Bikersinc

Bikersinc not only has several key programs that is in operation, but also currently hosts a couple projects. These projects are generally always tied to a program function that plays a role in Bikersinc main mission parameters.

Projects are special undertakings that operate differently than programs. These are meant to be nonpermanent parts of the nonprofit. Sometimes some projects are for special occasions and others are by nature set up so that they can become fully independent in the future. Depending on the nature of a project, Bikersinc will step up as a fiscal sponsor.

Bikersinc supports the following areas of interest that ties in with our mission as a nonprofit: community, history, veterans, and youth.

Community: The INC in Bikersinc stands for Indiana Neighborhood Coalition, meaning that we are highly interested in our local neighborhoods and communities. Initiatives we support include human and social needs and small business mentorship.

History: Information is in our name, with that comes our dedication to history. We are highly interested in groups that cover motorcycle, bicycle, industrial and localized community history.

Veterans: We are a strong veteran focused organization and are open to returning the favor to those who served and are currently serving. Bikersinc is interested in helping groups that have a strong focus on specialized Veteran’s aid and services.

Youth: Also part of our Indiana Neighborhood Coalition aspect, Bikersinc also has a background in youth services, which is tied to our desire to help our communities. Youth initiatives we support are sports (bicycles) and skills development (trade skills, ect.)

Several projects that Bikersinc is proud to sponsor include:


Criteria for Enrollment:

-Not in the process of obtaining a 501(c)(3).
-Include information about your organization and what it does. If you have a website or Social Media account, please include the links.
-Be in operation for at least a year.
-Must be charitable in purpose.
-Understand that this application isn’t for financial support, but for Bikersinc to become a fiscal sponsor, which means you gain similar privileges as a 501(c)3.

We will not support:

-Grant, scholarship initiatives.
-Commercial groups with the goal of profiting.
-Political interests.

Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society©

Though the history of motorcycles as a whole is only a bit over 100 years of age, Indiana has played such an integral part to its creation and evolution that it can’t be denied. It is a legacy that Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society© is honored to share with the world. Originally formed in 1995, the Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society© became alive once more when Bikersinc became the Fiscal Sponsor in 2015.

In 2016 IMCHS was highlighted by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission, honoring Indiana’s role in motorcycle history and the profound influence the state had on the industry.

Read more about this project here: Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society©

Mission: Restore Bronze Central Indiana

Mission Restore Bronze Indiana started off as an initiative offshoot of Mission Restore out of Arizona. The main purpose of Mission Restore Bronze Indiana is to restore grave markers of deceased members of the military that have been neglected over the years. This is done at no charge whatsoever to the families.

In 2017 Mission Restore Bronze Indiana has restored numerous grave markers and trained other organizations and groups of people to help with the cause. Currently in 2018, the project is aiming to clean and restore 49 markers of Medal of Honor recipients in the state.

Read more about this project here: Mission Restore Bronze Indiana

Invisible Beech Grove

Invisible Beech Grove is a localized community and history project under Bikersinc- as a part of the ‘Indiana Neighborhood Coalition’ umbrella of the nonprofit. 

When Bikersinc relocated to Beech Grove, IN in the April of 2017, the nonprofit learned that there was a very strong focus on the revitalization efforts of the Main Street corridor of the town. 

Invisible Beech Grove came to be in order to not only give the other businesses in Beech Grove much needed recognition and highlighting, but also to fill other gaps. 

Read more about this project here: Invisible Beech Grove

Veterans Radio Indiana

Veterans Radio Indiana is a weekly radio show by a few Veterans that live and work in and around Indianapolis, Indiana. We are dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America.

Read more about this project here: Veterans Radio Indiana

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