Entronuse Motor Cycle Club

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Mission Statement

To always lead by example, inspire Brotherhood and strengthen our families through wholesome motor cycle activities.


To join the Entronuse Motor Cycle Club you must meet these guidelines established by our bylaws:

1. Have a Motor Cycle over 750 cc's.

2. Be a citizen of good standing and integrity.

3. Be able to go on mandatory runs across Indiana.

4. Be dedicated to our club and generous with your time

The Entronuse Motor Cycle Club is NOT a patch club nor will we ever be one.

Our club name is stenciled on our jackets and vest reminiscent of the clubs of that period.

The Entronuse Motor Cycle Club is a separately registered Non-Profit with the State of Indiana and falls under the umbrella of Bikersinc, a 501(c)(3) Corporation for which holds our Charter.




1921: Organized and Formed

1922: Registered with M&ATA #120

1925: Registered with Indiana

2016: Reinstated as an Historical Motor Cycle Club

History of our Club

With our roots firmly documented back to 1921 in Marion Indiana, the Entronuse Motor Cycle Club predates most clubs of today.

Officially organized in July, 1921 and given the Charter # 120 by the M&ATA. We were then registered with the State of Indiana on September 1925.

The Motorcycle and Allied Trade Association (M&ATA) was founded on November 15th 1916 and even predates the American Motorcycle Association.

A registered non-profit corporation that operates exclusively for educational & charitable purposes within Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code