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Our Events, Rides and Tours


We love events, whether they are good music, motorcycle rides, a long tour through Indiana or simply some great food. On this page are a few events that our members put together every year to help with fundraising for our programs.


Our members have scheduled many independent rides throughout Indiana to showcase the beauty of our home. Most of the rides are over the back roads with stops along the way to visit small town shops and helps support Indiana.

The stops are at local restaurants and places of interest. Be prepared for a fun day of riding as most are over 200 miles. If you want to barhop then we suggest you ride with those other guys as we do not barhop.


One of the favorite things that our members like to do is go on a tour. The difference between a tour and a ride is that with a tour, they normally stay overnight. A tour will encompass around 400+ miles, several stops along the way with some type of primitive camping for the night.


Since we are a Non-profit, we hold several fundraisers a year. Most are to support our organization but we also do support other organizations like us reach their goals.

List Of Events


Located on the outskirts of Indianapolis on private land, this 3-day event features great music & various motorcycle related events. This is also one of our main fundraising events. This event is 100% free and only open to active members of Bikersinc and members of verified Veterans motorcycle clubs.


Food is a huge part of any event and we are proud to host this event. This features Indiana's Bar-B-Q pit masters.

Indiana Bike Rally

Overnight Tours

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