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We need a bigger space for our Headquarters

Due to the growth of our programs, we now are in need of a larger space for our Non-Profit Organization to be used as our headquarters. We are currently on Main Street in Beech Grove, Indiana and the current business climate here is rapidly going downhill with new restrictive ordinances approved almost Monthly. 

Our Needs

We need to have our programs under one roof & our space needs are extremely simplistic. This will primarily be for our Headquarters, our programs and related equipment. We would like to have enough space inside for our offices, office equipment and furniture.

Our Ideal Space

A stand alone zoned C-3 to C-5 would be ideal since we can easily have an office setting. This zoning will allow us to post a small sign in front, have visitors and work without complaints. An overhead door would also be great as it would allow us the flexibility to add more space for our programs and additional storage for our equipment. Our budget is around $800.00 to $1000.00 per Month. 

Ideal Areas To Locate

There are several areas of Indianapolis that would be well suited to what we need and where we would thrive, but we are open for ideas just as long as the space is zoned properly. If you have a place and are unsure what that zoning is, then contact us and we can look it up for you. If it had a retail business in the past then chances are that it is already zoned properly if they have businesses around. 

These areas listed are in no particular order:

Indianapolis Area - South Side, Speedway, East Side and East Washington St.

Indiana Area - Franklin, Greenwood, Cumberland, Greenfield, Shelbyville. 

If you have a small piece of property that has been on the market with no takers because of the glut of retail space in the Indianapolis area and would like to help a small non-profit then this may work for you.


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