Our Founding

Started in 2012 by a Veteran with a passion for motorcycles and for helping other people, he decided to mainly focus on fellow Veterans. As time went on a few friends stepped in to assist with program ideas and additional funding to kick-start it.

Funded solely by private donations, paper work was sent in and we received our 501(c)3 status in 2013 and Bikersinc became a reality and since the founder is from Indiana, it was decided to make this our home base for now.

After reading about how a few other Non-Profits operate, it was decided by the Board of Directors that individual donations go directly to the programs that donors specify with a separate funding source for building upkeep and other essentials. This way there are no hidden agendas where one might think they are donating for personal expenses.

As we grew it became apparent that just two basic programs were not enough so with us being the "square pegs in the round holes" kind of folks we naturally expanded. What you see on these pages is a huge work in progress because we believe that being a service to others and our community is forever evolving and we need to evolve with it.

In dealing with the general public we have come across folks that do not take us seriously because of our name, that most of our Staff ride motorcycles or even the way we dress. We’re a boots on the ground organization, always have and always will be.

Our Founder's Story

Our founder and current Director has been riding motorcycles for a lot of years, at one point in his life he averaged 25,000 to 30,000 miles a year including riding coast to coast.

At the age of 17 he had the patriotic calling and joined the U.S. Navy and made several cruises aboard his ship. After his tour was up, he rebuilt an old Harley-Davidson basket case purchased for $500.00 and then set out to visit his Navy buddies in various states.

At the age of 23 on the way home from work, he was ran over in a hit and run accident in the early morning hours in Florida. Knocked over 20 ft. into a ditch and suffering from several compound fractures to his legs, broken ribs and numerous cuts, he crawled out of the ditch and passed out till some kind of help arrived.

Through the years of being married then divorced with custody of his two son’s and raising them alone, losing his Father in 2007 due to a stoke and then his Mother in 2010 from a horrible death, he then embarked on a life changing quest that has led him here.

Naming of our Organization

Not surprisingly we get asked this question frequently in our travels, but our name does stand for something.

Bikersinc is an acronym and stands for:

Bringing Information Knowledge Entrepreneurship & Rider Sodality for Indiana's Neighborhood Coalition

With that we want you to scroll through our pages, see what we are all about and just maybe you can see our vision, as we see it.

Our Legacy

Started as a social club in 2012, Bikersinc has seen phenomenal growth, as more people were interested in what we stand for and what we are doing.  We are not interested in the quantity of members but the quality of members. That is why we have a limit on membership.  

But we are much more than a social club, we have also been embarking on preserving our Motorcycle Heritage. It all started with Motorcyclism and grown to us being the fiscal sponsor of the Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society.

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Our project titled "Motorcyclism" has been chosen as an Officially Endorsed Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project event.


Motorcyclism on Facebook

Indiana Motorcycle Historical Society


We are very proud to have reached the Silver Participant milestone on GuideStar due to our transparency. Our next goal is the Gold Participant status. 


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