VETERANS CRISIS LINE: Call 988 and Press 1 or Text 838255


Membership to Bikersinc

When you become a member of Bikersinc, you will be part of a grassroots, all volunteer organization that practices and believes there is more to motorcycling than parties and rallys. Bikersinc was founded by several armed force veterans who ride motorcycles and support fellow veterans. A significant portion of all membership dues goes directly to support our veterans programs and projects.

We are not a motorcycle club or a patch club, never has been and never will be. You must be 18 or older to join. Bikersinc doesn't require members to ride or even own a motorcycle. The organization is open to all who are interested.

What You Will Receive

Upon confirmed payment you will receive the following:
1. Membership card
2. Medical Information Carrier
3. Discounts to Bikersinc events
4. Discounts at the Oily Rag store
5. Code and instructions on how to join our private network created just for members at:

Membership Dues


Membership in Bikersinc is broken down to the following:

Single: $30.00 a year
Couple: $50.00 a year


Veteran: $25.00 a year
Active Military: No Charge*

*Active military MUST HAVE an APO or FPO for free membership. Active military membership will have modified packet to reflect APO/FPO item restrictions.

A portion of all membership dues goes directly to veterans programs and projects.

Membership Card

Our membership cards are the same size and thickness as a standard credit card and specially printed for durability. The back of the membership card has your name, along with an option for a nickname or road name, expiration date and veterans status, if a veteran. Couples joining will get an individual packet including card and other items. Pick out your card design below. 


Medical Information Carrier


This is an ID for your helmet that carries your personal medical history. Our carrier not only holds the medical data form, but it also cautions “DO NOT REMOVE HELMET!”. Our external data carrier remains in place at very high speeds and temperature extremes.

Private Member Network

When you become a member of Bikersinc, you have the option of joining our new, secure and private member network. is not just another Biker Blog or Forum although we have those too. is a full featured Social Networking site with all of the amenities you have come to expect and much more. Only full, paid members are able to fully access the site.

Full members can enjoy the following features:

1. Members can join and create groups
2. Mobile friendly on smart phones and tablets
3. Secure private messenger between friends
4. Robust event pages with links, videos and photos
5. Real time notification when your content is engaged
6. Chat bar to talk with friends in real time
7. Share your content straight to Facebook and Twitter
8. Join and create forums with replying permissions
9. Create a custom, full featured profile in just a few minutes. You can choose to have your profile either be public or private. You can also create a custom, vanity URL link for your profile to share with friends. Create photo albums of your rides and adventures along with descriptions and locations.
And much, much more.


Digital Membership

We also offer a lower cost email version of our membership, learn more at Digital Membership


A registered non-profit corporation that operates exclusively for educational & charitable purposes within Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code