Beech Grove Fall Festival 2017

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Schedule of Events

WEDNESDAY: Rides - Games - Food - Booths

THURSDAY: Rides - Games - Food - Booths

FRIDAY: Rides - Games - Food - Booths

SATURDAY: Themed Parade starts at Noon

 Followed by Rides – Games - Food and even more booths than earlier in the week!


Make sure you allow yourself extra time to see all the unique items these new participants have to offer!

Stage Line Up


Located at 7th and Main Street

Local Clogging Group

Skirvin Sound
DJ Charles Skirvin

Skirvin Sound
DJ Charles Skirvin

Ryan Berner
* Jimmy Buffet music *

1pm to 4pm
Karaoke presented by
The Graffiti Band

Rok Hollywood
5pm to End of Night

More Info: Stage Line Up


Disclaimer: The Beech Grove Promoters Club is the sole claimer to this event. Their hard work and dedication to the city of Beech Grove is is very much appreciated. Bikersinc is not affiliated with the Beech Grove Promoters Club or The City of Beech Grove and is only promoting this as a way to show our support of the Beech Grove Promoters Club. 

Main Street Comes Alive

Beech Grove Promoters Club

The Beech Grove Fall Festival - 2017


B. G. Promoters Club - Website

B. G. Promoters Club - Facebook

About: Beech Grove Promoter's Club

Over 60 Years Of Service!

The Beech Grove Promoter's Club is a civic organization dedicated to serving the City of Beech Grove, Indiana and the surrounding area.

They were founded in 1953 as the Exchange Club. The name was later changed to the Beech Grove Promoters Club.

Their annual functions are:
Spring and Fall Cleanup Days
July 3rd Fireworks
Fall Festival

They meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the
Hornet Park Community Center. Board of Control meets at 6:30 PM.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us via email at or call their voice mail at: 317-803-9140.

2017 Committee Members
Fireworks: Phil Barnard
Fall Festival Coordinator: Tim Lattimer
Fall Festival Booths: Derek Blice
Fall Festival Parade: Dennis Wilson
Membership: John Morgan
Publicity: Tim Latimer
Website/Technical: Derek Blice & Scott Seach

BG Promoters On Twitter

Main Street Food & Drink

Ball Park Pizza II

607 Main Street (6th & Main)

$10.00 Pizzas - Basket Meals - Specials

Beech Grove Senior Citizens

602 Main Street (6th & Main)

Chili - Nachos - Hot Dogs - Sodas  


625 Main Street (7th & Main)

Discounted Snacks & Sodas

Masonic Lodge

617 Main Street (Between 6th & 7th)

Root Beer Floats

Cheap Snacks

Located at 625 Main Street

Bottled Water - 25 cents

Can Soda - 75 cents

Hot Coffee - $1.00 

Bag Snacks - 50 cents

Sioux City Bottled Beverages - $1.50

Sales tax is included.

A registered non-profit corporation that operates exclusively for educational & charitable purposes within Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code